Hangar for aircraft

Sector: Building
Client: Ministry of Defence
Years: 2009 – Under construction



Design of the structure and architecture of a new hangar for the Algerian army. The complexity of the design lies in its geometry, which is dominated by a large longitudinal portal frame with spans of up to 168 metres and a height of 46 metres. A truss up to 12 metres in depth supports the transverse truss for the roof with spans of up to 96 metres and a variable depth between 3 and 4 metres.

Another issue affecting the design is the high seismic activity of the area where the hangar is located.

Class renewal survey for LNG tanker Larbi Ben M’Hidi

Sector: Naval
Client: Hyproc Shipping Company
Years: 2013 – 2014
Description: Larbi Ben M’Hidi is one of the largest LNG tankers in the world. It was built in 1977 for transporting gas from North Africa to Europe and Asia.

BAC inspected the structure and measured thicknesses as part of the class renewal survey performed for the classification society.

The works including thickness measurement on route through the Mediterranean and later at the shipyard during structural repairs.