Sassou NGuesso University, Congo

Sector: Building
Client: UNICON Development
Year started: 2010 – under construction
Description: The Denis Sassou NGuesso University is a complex in Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo. It involves the construction of 25 buildings to be used for educational and other purposes. The project is divided into five sets. Set 1 comprises the residential buildings for teaching staff and students. Set 2 contains the sports buildings: stadium, sports centre and swimming pool complex. Ten faculties comprise sets 3 and 4, although the architectural layout of all the faculties is very similar. Set 5 contains the university’s emblematic buildings: Rector’s Office, Library, Amphitheatre and University Restaurant. Lastly, set 6 contains the services buildings: maintenance, police and fire brigade, health centre, rector’s house and main access.

Since we need to adapt to the complex’s requirements and technical capacities, all the buildings will have a concrete structure with one-way beam and pot floors. To increase productivity, all the joists and main beams are semi-precast. Slab thicknesses vary between 22+4 cm and 25+5 cm depending on the spans involved. In general, the buildings have an orthogonal grid layout and spans between columns of 5 to 7 metres.

The roofs of the Sports Centre and Water Sports buildings are especially noteworthy as they are large portal frames constructed using post-tensioned concrete beams with spans of 44.00 m and 47.50 m.