BAC faces the final phase of inspection and quality control of the metal structure of the Rande Bridge expansion

BAC faces the final phase of inspection and quality control of the metal structure in the Rande Bridge extension work on the AP9 over the Vigo Estuary. In addition to the enlargement project, the validity of the bridge structure and its adaptation to current regulations have been analyzed.

The work carried out by BAC, which began in August 2016, is now in its final phase, being of great technical complexity due to the singularity of the construction project, the first of these characteristics in Spain.

In order to increase the traffic capacity of the Rande bridge in Vigo, a solution has been designed to enlarge de bridge by adding an extra lane on either side of the existing deck but outside of the portal frames of the pylons. Live traffic on the existing lanes may not be altered during the execution of the widening works.

Additional stays support the deck vertically while it is connected laterally to the existing deck at regular intervals using hinged triangular trusses. The summit of the towers has also been enlarged with a steel box structure so to anchor the new stays.

As part of the scope of work, the validity of the existing bridge structure has been analyzed as well as its upgrade to current standards.

For the accomplishment of these works BAC has counted on a team formed by a coordinator with ample experience in similar projects, certified as International Welding Engineer (IWE) and Level 3 in Inspection of Welded Constructions, as well as several inspectors specialized in Non Destructive Testing that develop the works both in the work and in the workshops in the phase of prefabrication distributed by different points of the national territory.

Technical specifications

  • Total length: 706 m
  • Main span: 400 m
  • Width of new decks: 2 x 6.65 m