The 360º reports are a tool that facilitates the work of the technicians in the control and inspection of the works and allows the clients to be able to follow up online.

Among the multiple tools available to the BAC marketing department, we would like to focus on the 360º reports, which we use in supervision and inspections of projects and works and which allow complete user immersion as well as access from any point, with just one network connection.

This technique allows us to visually introduce ourselves in projects by moving through them interactively. For this, 3D 360º infographics can be generated in the project design, spherical 360º photographs using a pole, at a fixed point, during the site supervision, and 360º filming (in 4k resolutions) once our work has been completed and as a testimony of finished project.

Some of the advantages that we get with this system are:

  • Make visual inspections more efficiently
  • It is an effective communication tool between construction management, the developer and the client.
  • Marketing tool for the client / developer towards the end users of the infrastructure.
  • In structural building and architecture we can contemplate the first concepts of our work based on 3D models generated in BIM and take a virtual tour of the entire project using Virtual Reality glasses or simultaneously using any of the other systems that today offers platforms such as SentioVR , Panotour, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Image registration database of the entire project / work.

This tool, as well as others used in BAC, helps us to provide a better service to customers, and provide added value to the work carried out, being a key communication vehicle in the digital transformation environment in which we operate.