A height structure, the Creussans viewpoint-sundial

BAC has participated in the design and construction of a viewpoint with a sundial in Creussans, in Ordino, which will become a dynamizing element of tourism in the area.

The viewpoint – sundial located at the Pic de Peyreguils, 2700 meters above sea level, in Ordino Arcalís, Andorra, was inaugurated this Monday, July 5th. The project, which has been promoted by SECNOA and carried out by the architectural firm Toni Riberaygua,

has had a BAC in structural engineering, both in the project phase and in the construction management.

The architectural proposal takes advantage of the pretext of building a sundial to organize a circular panoramic viewpoint open to 360 ° suspended from the system that forms the Gnomon. From a structural point of view, the proposal is based on the principle of the bicycle wheel, which allows to emphasize the lightness of the set and to suggest to the spectator a situation of buoyancy on an incomparable natural environment.

Apart from the complexities inherent in the materialization of a structure based on this principle, in this case one of the components of complexity has been the fact that the material has been supplied by helicopter, so the design general has been complemented by that of the constructive process.

Congratulations to Lluis Moya and Cristian Fernández for this complex work, the result is spectacular.