Abel Domato, ICIASA General Manager, participates as a specialist of the IAEA in Mexico

During the months of October and November, the General Manager of ICIASA, Abel Domato Jayo, has collaborated as a specialist of NDTs in structures by the IAEA in Mexico City.

During the first week a workshop was held where different countries participated in the framework of the development program RLA1014 “Advancing Non Destructive Testing technologies for civil and industrial structures inspection in Latin America” ​​promoted and organized by the IAEA (www.iaea.org) International Atomic Energy Agency, of the United Nations. Members from different countries participated in this program, such as: Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Argentina. The workshop was developed at the National Institute of Nuclear Research – ININ and had as speakers on behalf of the IAEA an Argentine expert and Abel Domato.

During the second week a mission of support to the Mexican institutions was carried out because of the earthquakes suffered in Mexico City during the month of September of this year. Abel Domato as a specialist of the IAEA was providing collaboration to the different national organisms for the prevention and coordination of actions in earthquakes.

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