BAC awarded for the Vallirana Highway

The Infrastructure Advisory Council of Catalonia annually awards the “Infrastructure of the year”, which on this occasion has gone to the Vallirana Highway.

BAC has been awarded the 2019 Infrastructure Award for its work as Works Management in the Vallirana Highway, work developed in joint venture with Pigra.

Parallel to the works management, BAC is the author of the executed project, modified 1 of the works, carried out in a joint venture with Auding.

The highway of the N-340 as it passes through Vallirana was opened to traffic in November 2019. With about 3 kilometers of route, it has one of the most modern and complex tunnels in Europe. The construction of this infrastructure has freed the town of Vallirana from the daily passage of 19,000 vehicles, a quarter of them large tonnage trucks.

It is not the first time that BAC has received this award, in 2017 it was awarded for its participation in the extension of the Vallès metro in Sabadell.