BAC collaborates with the AUTO-BIM team developing an autonomous robot for data acquisition

The Project AUTO-BIM seeks to systematize the data acquisition for quality control in buildings sites

The consortium led by VIAS y Construcciones, includes BAC Engineering Consultancy Group, Grupo de Geotecnología Aplicada from Vigo University, Aplitop, ApliCAD, Investigation Group TIDOP from Salamanca University and AIMEN Centro Tecnológico. This consortium works within the 2016 Retos-Colaboración programme.

The main goal of the AUTO-BIM project is a new technology to collect data in interior of buildings and its processing for integration in BIM. It aims to create a new methodology for data acquisition, processing and managing of 3D data in the interior of buildings without GPS signal through an autonomous robot vehicle.

The data will be collected via 3d point cloud and will be transformed into geometric entities, and later integrated in a BIM model. This will allow to manage the whole life cycle of buildings. The 3d point cloud will be obtained through a 3D laser scanner integrated in the autonomous robot.

Some of the main objectives are to reduce data acquisition time, to improve the setting out on site, to improve quality control in buildings, to systematize the supervision on site and to detect any deviation.


Main innovations

This system will allow to reduce costs, to reduce time on site and to improve the overall build quality. Until now all this processes were developed manually by specialized personnel.

The goals will be achieved through the robotization of the 3D data acquisition process on site with high precision equipment, data management and automatic documents update through BIM models, and at the end a global life cycle management for buildings.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration

The AUTO-BIM project budget is 994,000€ and its expected duration is 30 months. The project is included in the programme Retos-Colaboración 2016.

The consortium is led by VIAS y Construcciones and, as a final user, will be responsible for the results validation in its building projects.

BAC Engineering Consultancy Group is responsible for the integration of BIM technology with quality control. We are developing the necessary workflows and parameters to be implemented, defining acceptance criteria for the geometries obtained through the robot.

The other members in the team are responsible for: the Grupo de Geotecnología Aplicada will design the data acquisition software; Aplitop is an expert for 3D point cloud management and will be responsible for filtering the data, alignment and reference; ApliCAD with TIDOP will develop the algorithms for data treatment and its adaptation to BIM models; and AIMEN will develop the autonomous robot systems.