BAC collaborates with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

It is vitally important that companies, through their specialists, get involved with global cooperation organizations, as the IAEA, to carry out projects of development and transmission of knowledge.

Since 2017, Abel Domato, DG of ICIASA BAC, has collaborated as a technical specialist at the IAEA at the proposal of the AEND (Non-Destructive Testing Association), participating in multiple cooperation missions in countries such as Mexico, Peru or Ecuador.

The latest missions in which Abel Domato has participated have been published in the AEND magazine, documenting the work carried out by the technical specialists.



The technical and scientific contribution of each mission in which Abel has participated, has had the collaboration of BAC. The multiple cooperation projects that have been carried out with the IAEA are of great importance for the transmission of knowledge and technology and one of the most important points in the fulfillment of the SDGs and BAC’s commitment to a better world.

The latest global cooperation missions for the IAEA in which Abel has collaborated are:

  • Costa Rica: program for Central America coordinated by ARCAL and the IAEA. The mission consisted of holding a workshop to promote non-destructive testing technologies for the inspection of civil and industrial structures, as well as the application of non-destructive techniques in the face of natural disasters. The training was held in Cartago, at the Tecnológico de Costa Rica.
  • Albania: due to the earthquake that occurred in December 2019 and that affected above all the city of Dürres and Tirana, the IAEA, together with the EU, requested the cooperation of Abel Domato as a specialist in non-destructive testing to assess the country’s capacity and how the agency could help in the evaluation of post-earthquake structures using non-destructive techniques. The mission was developed together with a technical specialist from Germany. During the mision, multiple meetings were held as well as field visits to the affected areas to evaluate the analysis and reaction systems.
  • Moscow: the second meeting of the working group organized by the IAEA for the standardization and certification of technicians who carry out non-destructive tests on building structures and civil works took place in this city. The first one took place in Wellington (NZ) in September and this second week-long meeting was focused on the documents and lines to work on. Specialists from: New Zealand, Morocco, Argentina, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Russia and Spain (Abel Domato) attended this meeting.