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BAC SOCOTEC joins Model. Architecture Festival

BAC SOCOTEC celebrates the architecture of Barcelona by participating in Model. Architecture Festival, the first major event of the 2026 World Capital of Architecture, with two proposals led by BAC experts.

A guided tour to discover the most emblematic buildings of the 22@ District and a webinar about Circularity as the future of sustainability. Both activities are open to the public.

Under the title “The 22@ District, an architectural and sociocultural dynamizer”, BAC SOCOTEC organizes a route through the architecture of the 22@ District where the most unique buildings will be visited, such as the Encants Market, the Design Museum, the Agbar Tower, the Indra and RBA buildings, Mediatic and Can Framis Museum, and how these architectural pieces have changed the skyline of the area will be analysed, in addition to their socioeconomic impact on the city of Barcelona.

As a benchmark in circular engineering, BAC SOCOTEC has also prepared the webinar “Circularity, the future of sustainability” conducted by our UK country manager, Xavier Aguiló, Industrial Engineer, specialist in Structures and expert in circularity.

 The reduction of the impact in the design and construction of buildings is a challenge that we face in the short term.

In addition, according to Aguiló, “circular engineering is the great ally of this change, providing long-term solutions that help us reduce the impact on the carbon footprint. We have to design, produce and build more efficiently, thinking that the elements can be repaired, reused and reindustrialized”.

“As individuals, we can change our habits to contribute to the conservation of the environment, but the decisions we make in engineering or construction will have a much greater impact,” explains Xavier Aguiló, who is also a professor of the Master in Circular Construction and the Postgraduate Program in Sustainable Architecture and Construction at Ziggurat; as well as in the MUA Master of the School of Architecture of the European University of Madrid and in the Central Saint Matins and Environmental Technical Studies AA in London.

To join the guided tour  “The 22@ District, an architectural and sociocultural dynamizer”, on 05/11/22 from 17:00 to 18:30 (CET), click here: https://forms.office.com/r/usud5dP39K

* In no case will the interior of the buildings be visited.

To join the webinar “Circularity, the future of sustainability” on 05/12/22 at 6:00 p.m. (CET) click here: https://forms.office.com/r/DDrMrTrC2J