Building Engineering


building Engineering

At BAC Building Engineering we are centred in developing our activity with the objective of zero impact on CO2 emissions, focused on sustainability and circular economy. We can offer full collaboration on building design and management, from production of initial concept designs, to technical assistance on site or site supervision, as well as Due Diligences and Expert Reports. All this allows us to have complete control of all the building stages of a project.

We have a multidisciplinary human team with extensive experience in all types of projects and site works. We apply innovation, digital transformation and quality processes, such as BIM, to all our projects and processes. The objective is to guarantee a quality service and with maximum efficiency. All this generates an important benefit for our clients in the control of work and in decision-making, always with the utmost respect for the environment.

Building services

Our interdisciplinary vision in the different fields of construction allows us to offer a multitude of associated services:


Building projects


We participate in projects and site works in the residential and corporate fields, as well as in industries and buildings of public interest such as auditoriums, hospitals and stadiums. Also in different areas of rehabilitation, such as structures rehabilitation and building reinforcement, intervention or expansion.

We develop all projects with BIM methodology and we also carry out specific fire engineering, performance, CFD and earthquake studies.

Structural engineering

We offer full collaboration on structural engineering, both in new construction and in rehabilitation. From design to site supervision and comprehensive rehabilitation, at BAC we offer advice in all stages to ensure efficient, sustainable structures under minimal impact.

Facilities engineering (MEP)

We have a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach in the field of facilities engineering for the design of mechanical, electrical and plumbing facilities (MEP). The objective is to guarantee compliance with the required measures and with current regulations.


Executive architecture

We make the detailing of all the elements of the architectural or urban project in order to have all the information for the perfect characterization of the work. We also evaluate costs, construction methods, deadlines and execution.

Sustainability and circular economy

We develop a multidisciplinary work integrating all the previous areas in the search for maximum efficiency, ensuring the circularity of the materials, guaranteeing the minimum impact on the environment.