Buildings technical inspection for urban regeneration

BAC SOCOTEC participates in the Urban Regeneration Program of the Besòs and Maresme neighborhoods in Barcelona.

The regeneration program is part of the EDUSI (Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategies) of the Besòs Axis and according to David Escudé, Councillor of the District of Sant Martí, is a “pioneering project for its size, its importance and its management method in the whole of Spain”.

The works framed in this project include not only structural studies but also energy efficiency studies of the buildings; involving in them 203 communities of owners that include 5,188 homes with the aim of:

  • Promote social inclusion and fight against poverty.
  • Improve access and accessibility to housing.

BAC’s technical team has been in charge of the inspection of part of the housing stock included in the actions of the urban regeneration program, being responsible for the collection of data in situ of the dwellings and common elements, carrying out ITEs (technical inspection of the building), and energy efficiency reports. They have also collected samples for aluminosis tests since, according to Lluis Aranda, Director of structural studies at BAC, “these are buildings that were built in the 1960s and are suspected of having been constructed with joists made of aluminous cement“.

Once all the data has been collected, it is entered into the application prepared by the IMU in order to be able to make the relevant decisions and implement the improvement plan.