Energy efficiency in sports center

The Camp del Ferro sports center, that has been inaugurated, is characterized by its energy efficiency and its ceramic cladding

The Camp de Ferro sports complex, of which we have designed the structure, began in 2016. In close collaboration with the project’s architects, we have designed a structure capable of bringing together various multidisciplinary spaces at different levels, overcoming, during the construction phase, incidents motivated by both archaeological and civil engineering preexistence.

BAC has carried out the design and construction management of the structure of the sports center

It is a structure with large spans made up of front porches and 7 interior porches that cover spans of up to 33m. The part corresponding to the ground floor locates 2 of the 3 multi-sports courts, and is entirely solved in concrete, in this way the actual support elements are perfectly integrated with the containment elements and allows the structure’s response to fire to be easily resolved. The ground-level surface, exclusively made of steel and collaborating slabs, presents two separate sports spaces and the public access plaza, on its main facades. These uses force the slab elements to be generously dimensioned, ranging from approximately 4m trusses under the first to post-tensioned beams 160cm deep under the second.

Designing a sports court on top of a structure with great light, forced to take special care regarding the consideration of vibrations above this slab, which is why the metal truss extends 1 module beyond the space it covers.

Client: BIMSA

Architect: BBarquitectes / Gustau Gili arquitecte / AIA Salazar Navarro

Construction company: OHL / Calaf constructora