BAC will inspect the Mobile Bridge of the Port of Tarragona using NDT

Port of Tarragona trusts BAC's metallic structure inspection department for the investigation campaign of the mobile bridge structure.

The Port of Tarragona has awarded BAC the “Technical Assistance for the inspection of the welds of the metal deck of the mobile bridge of the Port of Tarragona”.

The works to be carried out by BAC are:

  • Campaign of physical inspections to establish the state of the welds of the metallic deck of the Mobile Bridge.
  • Carrying out non-destructive tests (NDT) for the inspection of the elements that make up the metal structure of the bridge
  • Cabinet / technical office work to present the information collected during the inspections in the form required by the APT: inspection files, detected faults, data display plans, …

The mobile bridge is a structure that was put into service in November 1999 and was built to allow the passage of heavy vehicles between the piers attached to the dike and the riverside piers without having to go through the interior of the city.