Lowering a Building. Floors shoring in Diagonal 414

BAC is leading the project and the construction management of the two last slabs descent in the Diagonal 414 building

 This project is a response to the need to reduce the total building height maintaining the protected façade unchanged.

At first it was suggested the demolition and reconstruction of the two last slabs in a lower level, but, instead of this, an hydraulic jack synchronized system has been used to descent both slabs. It has been necessary to put brackets in each pillar to shore up the structure and install de hydraulic jack system.

This solution, compared to the demolition, reduces the execution time considerably.

Last Friday, BAC offered a public visit among its employees included in the company’s training program, which had a great attendance. During this visit the construction team and its site manager exposed all the challenges they had to face during this exceptional project.

We show our gratitude to the property Diagonal 414 S.L. (José Luis López), to the architect ROS-FALGUERA Arquitectura (Pablo Ros), to the DEO Ardèvol consultors Associats (Salvador Segura), to the construction company INBISA S.L. (F. Javier Gómez – Javier García) and VSL (P. Ossó, J. Lima, Marta Artal), and to the construction head manager BACECG (Agustí Obiol – Gerant Bordón – Pol Hernàndez), for all the trust and implication in the project development.