Non-destructive tests in the evaluation of structures

Abel Domato has been part of the team of experts that has travelled to Beirut on behalf of the International Atomic Energy Agency

This September, a group of the IAEA Experts, including Abel Domato, has participated in the mission organized to train Lebanese counterparts on the application of NDTs (Non-Destructive Testing) in the evaluation of buildings affected by the explosion that occurred in Beirut last year. . The mission was composed of three experts, Dario Foppoli (Italy), Nor Azreen (Malaysia) and Abel Domato, accompanied by official IAEA personnel.

After a disaster like the one in Beirut, the deflagration, which had an effect similar to that an earthquake, the evaluation of structures is one of the most important parts of the reconstruction process. The contribution of the ENDs in this field is very important since it allows obtaining a large amount of information to be analysed later. As in other IAEA cooperation missions in which Abel Domato has participated in Albania, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru or Costa Rica, technical cooperation was provided to local governments, advising on the methods to be applied and the training of the local technical staff.