Porta Trinitat, a zero carbon footprint building

BAC was responsible for the Structure design and site supervision for this building which is considered one of the most recent examples of sustainability and zero carbon footprint.

The Porta Trinitat building has become a clear example of where architecture should focus, designing and building sustainable buildings with zero energy consumption.

The four-story building will have two patios and its exterior part will be developed. It is intended for administrative and cultural use and will include a public auditorium with 170 seats. On the first floor there will be the dependencies of the Social Services Area, while the neighbourhood house will be built on the second floor, with co-working spaces, meeting rooms and warehouses. The third floor of the building will be for multipurpose spaces.

Apart from the social services centre and the entities’ house, the equipment will include the Information and Attention Point for Women (PIAD) of Porta Trinitat. The complex will contribute to improving the neighbourhood’s public space and equipping it with the necessary community facilities.

The structure is designed with a clear focus on achieving a zero energy building (nZEB), designing a mixed system of steel frame and timber floors that allows a simple assembly and will guarantee a dry construction.

The structural system is defined by 4 steel frames with 10 meters spans. These frames are arranged symmetrically in the longitudinal direction. Ribbed Timber Laminated plates are placed on the frames, and at the same time acting as a horizontal diaphragm.

The foundation is designed with pad foundations and concrete wells in certain points of the plot, and has been made compatible with the canadian wells system that allows the exchange of temperature between the air and the ground that surrounds them, achieving a natural approximation of the temperature of the outside air closer to the comfort zone, thus reducing the contribution of the air conditioning system.

Developer: Districte de Sant Andreu

Architect: hazarquitectura

Photos and renders: hazarquitectura