Suppliers deliveries must be made in the place and in the manner as established in the conditions agreed with BAC.

The type and quantity of products and services delivered and served to BAC are detailed in the purchase order. The authorization of BAC will be required for the partial or total acceptance of the purchase.

Each delivery must be accompanied by a delivery note or part of work detailing the order number indicated by BAC, content or description of the tasks performed.

The delivery of the products must comply with the quality guarantees or required certifications, as well as the packaging must guarantee adequate transport, conservation and storage of the products, as well as compliance with current environmental regulations. Damaged products, deteriorated or with packaging defects that may affect the content, will be returned to the supplier.

BAC reserves the rights to carry out inspections to suppliers or subcontractors that may directly affect the development of its activities both from the point of view of quality, environmental or OSH. These inspections will be carried out in a manner agreed with the supplier and without affecting the development of their usual tasks.

In the case of not complying with the BAC ECG quality, environmental and SST control criteria, the supplier will be notified and the necessary changes will be communicated to be able to work under the BAC homologation criteria.

All BAC suppliers will be approved at the beginning of their contractual relationships, either through an approval questionnaire issued by BAC ECG or through an on-site inspection. And they will be re-evaluated annually according to the frequency, amount, impact and incidences detected in the reception of their products or services. Information on their approval can be requested by email to Those suppliers that do not comply with the levels required by BAC ECG will be notified of such non-compliance and the deficiencies detected so that they can proceed to their resolution.

All documents generated in the supplier approval and reevaluation process carried out by BAC will be archived for a period of 3 years, complying with the requirements of the LOPD.