Sustainability and energy efficiency in buildings

Xavier Aguiló, UK Manager of BAC Engineering Consultancy Group and specialist in sustainability of buildings, will participate on September 29 and October 1 in the congress “REBUILD: transforming the building”.

In his interventions, Xavier analyzes from experience in different projects, how the strategies taken in its design have allowed finding ways to reduce the impact of the building on the environment.

Passive and active strategies are proposed, strategies focused on the embedded energy of materials and CO2 emissions or those related to the operation of buildings.

Of the 6 projects used, five focus on concrete buildings, a material that is taking a bad image due to its environmental impact, but with the appropriate strategies it can significantly reduce its impact. The sixth reference is a wooden hotel, as today’s standards are deriving, reaching very low emission levels, but also disconnected from the grid, both for energy and for sanitation.

With all these reflections that are presented, it is intended to advance in the conception of low-impact buildings always in an integrated and holistic way that gives entry to a great diversity of materials that reach a high level of multifunction.