Sustainable pavements, a commitment to the present

The BAC-IM3 joint venture directs and coordinates the paving works that have been carried out on Torrent de l’Olla street in Barcelona with a new sustainable pavement that reduces the heat island effect.

Barcelona debuts sustainable pavement, and the UTE BACIM3 joint venture has been one of the architects of this pilot test framed within the pavement maintenance contract of the Barcelona City Council, together with SoriguéCHM y CTCON.
pavimento sostenible ciudad de barcelona
The pavement developed by CTCON and CHM within the European project LIFE HEATLAND contributes in multiple aspects in the fight against climate change due to its properties of Heat Island Reduction, Noise Pollution Reduction, Improved lighting and road safety, CO2 emission reduction and Reduction of energy consumption due to its greater light reflectance. Likewise, in the test carried out with the same pavement in the city of Murcia, they have shown a decrease of 15◦C in the temperature of the asphalt, a reduction of 2◦C in the ambient temperature, a decrease of 3 decibels in environmental noise and 173% more solar reflectance. This new pavement can be one of the main protagonists in the cities of the future, in which society needs to improve the quality of the air to improve the quality of life.
pavimentación sostenible