In service the enlargement of the Provença railway station

Last week Platform enlargement works at FGC’s (Generalitat de Catalunya Railways) Provença Station had been inaugurated. These works mean great station enhancements on accessibility, comfort, user flows management and evacuation; where BAC has been the Site Supervision Team.

Keeping the station on service while building new stairs, new lift and new corridor for concourse to platform access and new emergencies exits, has been a hard civil engineering challenge.

Platform enlargement required to bore a 50 m length tunnel parallel and adjacent to the station just below Balmes exist buildings (in worse cases, foundations were 3-4 m above the tunnel).

Connecting the tunnel with exist platform has been done cutting four 5m width frames in the station’s wall. For a safetier building process the Site Supervision Team designed an upper reinforcement with steel beams and prestressed bars. Also it may be noticed the 30 m depth micropiles reinforcement at the frame’s sides. These micropiles had been bored from surface (Balmes street) and their verticallity has been estrictly controlled.

Due to underground works, a Monitoring Plan for buildings and exist infraestructures has been stablished with regular surveillance over movements and deformations.

An 8-person multidisciplinary engineers composed the Site Supervision Team. The staff has been involved in supervising all works, including architecture and installations. The team was physically at site 24h/7 days during tunnelling works.

Now, people could visit at Espai Provença an exhibition over Provença Station’s evolution and changes since its beginning in the 19th century to current day.