XIX Technical Construction Conference. Building with Guarantee

Lluís Aranda, project manager of the Quality Department of BAC Engineering Consultancy Group, has participated in the “XIX Technical Construction Conference. Building with Guarantee” that the Association of Quantity Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of Terres de l’Ebre organized in its headquarters in Tortosa with the paper entitled “what happens when the concrete samples “do not give”?

The intention of the paper was to mention the three proposals that the current Instruction EHE-08 of concrete provides for the case that a batch of fresh concrete poured into a construction project resulting from non-acceptance.

The talk was extended in the graphic presentation of the information tests of the concrete and also of the bridge bearing test.

Once the essays were seen, the presentation raised the question of: And now, what do we make of these results? Thus, it was explained that there are two “regulated” methods to find a characteristic in-situ resistance value with which to operate.

Afterwards, a very interesting and enriching colloquium was opened in which the assistants presented their experiences in this regard and where they could talk about the real application of everything that has been discussed.